Hornit Bike Balls

Hornit Bike Balls

The World’s Most Overconfident Rear Bike Light

Bike Balls have teamed up with Hornit to bring you a more visible and noticeable than average rear bike light, making you safer and more confident as you ride. Cyclists are vulnerable to distracted drivers and Bike Balls help change this in a way that makes people smile!

  • Mounts effortlessly to your bike seat
  • High grade silicone body with integrated strap
  • Single red LED with three light modes - constant / slow flash / fast flash
  • 2 x CR2032 batteries included (these are readily available everywhere!)
  • RoHS and CE Approved


Product Dimensions

  • Size (LxWxH) 10.8x5.7x2.9cm
  • Weight 66g
  • Designed to be mounted onto the rail of your bike seat, Bike Balls naturally bob-around in the breeze as you pedal away.


  • Momentum Magazine: "The most necessary product to hit the cycling industry since the invention of wheels.”
  • The Gear Caster: "One of the more, you could say, creative products I have seen in a long time is Bike Balls."
  • Gizmag: “Bike Balls bring bicycle nuts to all you bicycle nuts”
  • Road.cc: “What your bike needs: Bike Balls”
  • Mail Online: “They’re the nuts! Bike Balls makes cycling safe and hilarious.”

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